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Another conversation on the way

Drew McLean and Gavin Heaton are doing it again – there’s a call out for contributors a new collaborative project as a follow up on the Age of Conversation. The clever minds behind this new breakthrough project is also asking for input on themes for this next book. My personal favorite is “Why don’t people get it?” This way there’s an opportunity to demonstrate some actionable steps that help us get out of a rut. But you can vote for yourself!

Mmmm … meatball sundae

Actually it sounds pretty gross. But that’s the premise of Seth Godin’s new book,“How to Avoid a Meatball Sundae” – the mess concocted when adding the sundae toppings of New Marketing (MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to meatballs (average consumer products sold via mass marketing to the largest possible number of people).

I admit I’m one of those folks who gets really excited about the cool stuff you can do with that New Marketing magic. Luckily I work online for a media company, so I get to experiment with the New Marketing. Some of it works for us, some of it doesn’t. Nonetheless, it requires work and persistent efforts to be useful.

I can imagine how those “meatball” companies with bottomless advertising budgets would want to get on the bandwagon. But adding sprinkles and hot fudge to a meatball organization is just nasty.

I haven’t picked up the book yet, but pan to. In the meantime I found some excerpts if you’re interested in reading more about it.