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News from the Official Google Blog: Two New Improvements to Google Results Pages

Google announced that it  is taking increasingly longer search queries and making adjustments to SERPs in 2 ways:

1) Enhanced Related Search Results: Google is now providing better associations to search queries that appear at the bottom of the SERP. For example, a search for”shotokan” provides related recommendations such as “aikido” and “goju ryu”.


2) Longer “Snippets” For Queries More Than 3 Words: For longer, detailed search queries, Google is also providing longer “snippets” that appear underneath the page title to establish more context and relevancy for the searcher. The “snippet” will also bold the query. Here’s the example provided by the Google blog for the search query, “Earth’s rotation axis tilt and distance from the sun”:


For more visit the Official Google Blog: Two new improvements to Google results pages.