Marketer-in-residence that collaborates across marketing, creative and engineering teams.

I am equal parts strategic advisor and hands-on marketer. I’m the digital marketing talent that can offer a fresh perspective, without the agency overhead.

Working with business owners, startups, agencies and entrepreneurs, I develop and manage growth strategies that build momentum and scale. Each business is unique – even within the same industry. So each project is customized by overall business and growth marketing goals. Help is on the way.

Services include:

  • Demand generation, customer acquisition and growth marketing strategies
  • Email deliverability and optimization consulting
  • In-house digital marketing training
  • Optimized site content strategies for conversion, search engine positioning and social presence
  • Diagnostic SEO and implementation
  • Analytics and attribution troubleshooting
  • Simplified and actionable reporting and tracking
  • Agile project management for marketing

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