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A Case Study In Outsourcing Ridiculous Titles on Twitter

It’s nearly midnight, I completed my first blog post in three months, and get stuck on a decent title. I take a break and hop on Tweetdeck to share my lament. The recommendations come fast and furious:

“Bing Biz Portal Kills Google Places SEO while PANDA is a +1 addict”

“10 Tips About Google +1, Panda, Content Farms, Google Blocking and SEO Killers For Social Media Success”

“The Panda Update Killed SEO and +1 is Social Media Awesome and Google Sucks”

“How I Increased My Site Traffic 0.0001% by Optimizing for Blekko and Not Getting Banned”

“+1 Gamechanges Panda’s Face In Fit of SEO Madness”

“I Killed SEO, and Your Next!”
(misspelling intentional because grammar is only an option at this hour)
Mind you, the post has very little to do with SEO, and nothing to do with Panda, +1, Blekko, Bing or Google. We search people need to get out more.

Very special thanks to Jon Henshaw, Dr. Peter J. Meyers, Tony Verre and Dawn Wentzell for their creative insights. But I still don’t have a decent title despite these literary gems. At least they are not going to waste.

What is Guest Blogging? An Infographic Courtesy of

I have been a huge advocate of guest blogging in order to build relationships, exposure AND links. I know may people within our own internet marketing niche who do it often, but I still have to see bigger brands take part in it (maybe with the exception of American Express’ Open Forum, which is more of a community). Here is a nice infographic explaining how it builds upon the blogging efforts you already do.

Making The Big Time on Lee Odden’s Search Marketing Blog Big List

Entertainment award season is here, and as any aspiring actor would say, “It’s an honor just to be nominated.”

I can totally relate.

Lee Odden's TBest Search Marketing  Blogs

On Friday Lee Odden published the BIG LIST Search Marketing Blogs Update, and yours truly made the cut. This is a big compliment for me, since I am pretty prolific when it comes to admitting that blogging is _work_. But to share company with my SEO and marketing colleagues on this list is an honor for me.

So I would like to thank Lee, all of my followers, and the Academy for such generosity (and good taste).

You like me! You really like me!