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It’s Time For A Change, So I’m (Re) Opening For Business

For those who have been under the COVID-19 cloud, I was let go from Third Door Media in April due to, well, a COVID-induced restructuring. It’s always tough to unexpectedly lose a job; I have been through this once before during the recession in 2008. But this time the word “challenging” does not suffice.

A job search can feel like zero value for a ton of work.

Actually, let me step back. That’s not entirely true. I have connected and reconnected with dozens of colleagues over the last four months, and have gotten to know some fantastic new friends. I have become more involved and I have networked in the past few months like I never have before. Searching for a job is grueling, thankless work. For years I have been fortunate to have had my work come to me naturally, and frankly dismissed the tedium and hard work that is involved in a job search, especially in such a competitive market. It’s easy to be complacent and think you can find a position right away.

Back to marketing consulting.

During my job search, I have had so many wonderful colleagues offer support, and ask me, “Why not do your own thing?” Well, after four months of looking for an in-house gig, I decided to embrace consulting again. I have not stopped looking, but now I’m ready to work more than ever. After so many hours of outreach and preparing for interviews, I realized I can share a lot more if I opened up and offered my marketing experience and knowledge to help organizations, rather than hold out for that perfect opportunity.

I’d like to take a moment to thank these fantastic humans.

Akvile DeFazio
Alex Bennert
Amy Gesenhues
Andrew Shotland
Anita Brearton
Anne Jordan
Anne Wright
Barry Schwartz
Betsy Peters
Brenda Darroch
Brian Gagnon
Brooke Sellas
Casie Gillette
Chris Elwell
Dan Dinsmore
Dana Schwind
Danny Sullivan
David Frankel
Doc Sheldon
Elisabeth Osmeloski
Eric Lander
Ginny Marvin
Greg Sterling
Heather Jury
Jane Bogue
Jane Mount
Janice Rogers
Jeff Jordan
Jim Darroch
Jon Henshaw
Karen DeWeese
Karl Scholz
Kathleen Haley
Katie Jordan
Kellianne Frankel
Kristy Morrison
Lindsey Tishgart
Malinda Gagnon
Mark Traphagen
Marty Weintraub
Melissa Ledesma
Michael Robinson
Michele Martin
Michelle DeMent
Michelle Hayes
Michelle Robbins
Nori Gale
Phoebe Fasulo
Purna Virji
Sara Runnels
Stephanie Seymour
Stephanie St. Martin
Susanne Gurman
Tim Wright
Vicki Frost
Wendy Almeida

And yes, Guy Raz.

Guy Raz offers job search support

3 Newbie Takeways from Search Engine Stategies

This post may seem a little late in the game, but I just started at HMG Search Marketing as Organic Search Manager 2 weeks ago, where my first piece of business was to attend the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York. Initially, I admit I was a little intimidated by the giant brain dump I was going to encounter, but soon realized that I already had a good SEO foundation from, and finally relaxed to take it all in. I have pages and pages of notes, but here are my top 3 takeaways that can make a difference in search and internet marketing:

1. Analytics are useless unless you can drive real and meaningful action. That means, unless you can segment your audience, page views, uniques, referrers, etc. are all pointless bits of data. Segmentation is defined as the goals and motivations of visitors; what keywords did they use to find you? Where do they come from? Was it a social link? Other in-market links? Did the visitor engage with your site? Incorporate that into other stats, and you’ll get am actionable conversion rate. From there, build a story. People like stories, they don’t like numbers.

Side note about analytics: it was mentioned a few times that site stats are never accurate. Look at the trends, build your story from there. And don’t forget to look at the bounce rate. If something is not working, shouldn’t you look at it?

If you haven’t checked out Avinash Kaushik’s blog, Occam’s Razor, go now.

2. Did you know that 64% of search engine users are looking for business information? So if you’re into B2B, your SEO/SEM strategies need to follow the sales process. When you reach your prospects early, make sure that your PPC ad copy and your landing page copy reflect that phase in the buying cycle. There’s s a great opportunity to grow leads when people are only “researching” the web. Also offer multiple ways to have this prospect interact with you. They may not want to be contacted right away, so provide free content through a blog or whitepaper. Offer tools, or a tour of the product. Perhaps develop a microsite. Validate the inquiry, qualify the lead, then start the sales process.

3. Mahalo. Have your heard of it? You may have. Now, since I’m a newbie, I haven’t. But I have heard a bit about Jason Calacanis and the controversy that surrounds him. So Mahalo is worth sharing. In Jason’s words, it’s a “human-powered” search engine; basically, user-generated search results. Where is this going? To keep it short, it’s potentially the search source where your friends (trusted sources), crowds (recommendations and reviews) and machines (the search engines) meet. And if any site owner has disagrees with it’s Mahalo ranking, it is discussed, in public, so everyone can access it. I don’t know what to make of it, but he’s definitely a smart guy and on to something.