’s Christmas Avatar Spectacular

Yes, it’s that spectacular, because this year I got one!

A tradition started in 2008, David Harry would “Christmasize” your Twitter avatar for the holiday. This year I begged, and I  got a full size holiday image that would put Hallmark to shame. Now of course who besides me has the urge to put thought bubbles over our heads?

Santa, would you please bring me a Camaro for Christmas?

3 thoughts on “’s Christmas Avatar Spectacular

  1. Dave

    LOL… that whole bubble thing has me thinking of ‘LOL Santaz’ (instead of cats hee hee) – we could be onto something here. Glad yer having fun with it, it’s just become a habit I get into this time of year to cheer up social spaces avatars. Happy Holidays to U and yours Mon’ it’s been a great few years knowing ya!

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