Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

I got an email this morning from Mabel Ney via the MaineIxDA Group that reminded me why I made the transition from painting in college to advertising and marketing.

Everyone knows the iPod ad campaign:


But ever heard of NYC artist Robert Longo who was a big hit in the 80’s with these paintings?


2 thoughts on “Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

  1. Dana Lookadoo

    Checking on on you, and the graphics caught my eye! This gives me a little more insight into your background. You made the right choice.

    I studied art, design and movie history a little in college, and it was a super balance to all the logic and heavy-thinking classes. You reminded me that I need to enjoy inspirational art more often and how both sides of the brain need to be stimulated. I often believe the artistic side inspires the logic side.

    These are strong advertising pieces that make me think, “how’d they think of that?”

  2. Nigel Burke

    There is inspiration everywhere you look if you are in the right mindset. I like being creative and using my imagination where other people have walked past these opportunities but it always annoys me when I ask myself the same question – how’d they think of that? 🙂

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