I was an Age of Conversation Contributor and Didn’t Even Know It

This is a short post about social media going full circle. Not about long lost relatives, or high school buddies, but a story about social network and social media and why people should just get it.

This morning I checked my email to find a LinkedIn request from Jay Ehret. I don’t know Jay Ehret, but thanks to LinkedIn they require a little information to invite connections. According to Jay, I was a “Business Partner” (more like contributor) to the new Age of Conversation book coming out later this year. This is not completely out of the blue, a few months ago I did contact the editors about contributing, but never heard back. In the meantime, I changed jobs — alas, email — and assumed they found better, more qualified, more enlightening contributors than I could ever be.

But wait, there’s this random guy who said I am. So I did a little research, and found my name on a list of 275 people.

So I contacted Drew and Gavin, hoping it’s not too late to provide a chapter for the new 2008 edition of “Age of Conversation: Why Don’t People Get It?”. Of course it is, they’ve tried contacting me at MaineToday.com and never heard from me. Darn. Maybe next year.

But the point — social media was used to connect with me about writing about social media. Even better, the premise of the book is that people don’t get it. What’s not to get? Here’s your example.

And I’m still going to get the book.

1 thought on “I was an Age of Conversation Contributor and Didn’t Even Know It

  1. Jay Ehret

    How can you not know me, Monica? After all, we’re LinkedIn now!

    The whole Age of Conversation, LinkedIn project was a curiosity experiment for me. Usually, I’m stingy about adding people to my LinkedIn network. I have to have had some sort of personal communication with my connections.

    But I wanted to see how many of my fellow Age of Conversation contributors were actually taking part in the conversation. So my intern Jessica set out to find and invite every single contributor to get LinkedIn. Yep, all 275 of them. We’re about 2/3 through and so far 100 have added me to LinkedIn.

    The interesting thing is that almost every single contributor is on LinkedIn.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

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