A Short Lesson From Political Campaigners

With all of the political jockeying going on, I thought I’d reference an interesting, yet simple, math lesson I just read from the “Swing is King” political segment from Mark Penn’s Microtrends (which I recommend highly).

Imagine 10 people, with a 50/50 split vote (or market share, brand preference, or whatever). If one of those votes coverts to the other candidate, then you’re trailing 60/40. If you acquire a new voter to vote in your favor you’re still trailing behind 55/45. If you attract yet another new voter (or buyer, or user) the split is back at 50/50 (or 6 out of 12).

In other words, you need 3 new people in order to make up for one lost vote (or view, or purchase).

So if you’re sheerly focused on numbers, it makes you think of core audience retention in a whole new way.